Putnam Co NRCS / SWCD Office

109 South 16th Street
Unionville, MO 63565

Phone: (660) 947-3272 {Extension 3}
Fax: (660) 947-3141

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        The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) works together with the Putnam
County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) Board to assist landowners in all
areas of conservation work. We provide landowners with many different services which
are listed right below the staff.

Jim.jpg (43755 bytes) Jim Sturm

Resource Conservationist


Bob Varner

District Technician
Putnam Co SWCD

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Craig.jpg (37568 bytes)  

Craig Salisbury

District Manager
Putnam Co SWCD

Cindy Daniels

Part-Time Clerk
Putnam Co SWCD

PutnamSWCDboard.jpg (63657 bytes) Putnam County's Soil & Water Conservation District Board (SWCD)

Front Row: Joe Koenen, Secretary; Richard Morgan, Chairman
Standing: Dennis Fechtling; Jack Dunkin, Treasurer, & Dennis Hyle, Vice-Chairman

        The office here can assist landowners in the following ways:

Missouri's Cost Share Program: Missouri is somewhat unique in that we have a cost-share program that is funded by state tax dollars. Landowners can recieve cost-share for several soil saving and conservation practices.  Much more detailed information about this is available by clicking here.
Equipment Lease Program: The Putnam County Soil and Water District Board (SWCD) has several pieces of equipment that we lease out to indivuals. These are designed to help you improve and conserve your land over the long run. It is explained in more detail by clicking here.
Putnam County's Watershed       Program: Putnam County is part of a nationwide watershed program. It is designed to provide for flood control on our small streams and rivers. Locust Creek is currently in the contruction phase.
Other Services: The Putnam County Soil and Water District along with NRCS provides several other services for landowners. The office has soil surveys of the county, works with wildlife and forestry concerns, and is in charge of the EQIP program.  They also work with FSA on CRP, WRP, HEL, and WHIP determinations and other issues.