Voice Services 

Long Distance Rates



Talk 200


200 Minutes

10¢ for Additional Minutes

$3 Monthly Savings

$36 Yearly Savings

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Talk 400


400 Minutes

9¢ for Additional Minutes

$9 Monthly Savings

$108 Yearly Savings

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Talk 600


600 Minutes

8¢ for Additional Minutes

$19 Monthly Savings

$228 Yearly Savings

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  • More than one person can talk on the phone at the same time

  • No dropped calls

  • Directory listing

  • Crystal clear sound over fiber-optic cables

  • One bill for all your NEMR Telecom services

  • 911 for emergencies

  • Easy to use

  • Inexpensive

Free Calling Features


Caller ID

Allows the called party to view the number and name calling through customer premises equipment designed to receive and thus display the calling party’s name and number.  Special Customer equipment is required for this feature.

Calling Name and/or Number Delivery Per Call Blocking

Allows the subscriber, when placing outgoing calls to label his or her telephone number as private, thus restricting it’s availability to the called party.

Call Waiting

Don't miss another call.

Call Forwarding

Going out? Why not "take your phone with you?"

Speed Calling

Here's a simple and handy way to reach those you talk to regularly.

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Additional Calling Features

Customer Originated Trace ($1.50)

Allows the customer to initiate a trace on the last incoming call by dialing an activation code.   The call will be traced automatically, and the telephone number that originated the call and the time the call was made will be recorded either in the Company office or in the offices of a law enforcement agency.  (Customers using customer originating trace will also be billed a usage sensitive charge for the results of each trace.  Charges Per Event $ 7.50)

Voice Mail ($2.95)

Contact us the first time for proper log in information.

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Lifeline Service

LIFELINE is an unlimited local service area calling plan that assists qualified, low-income Missouri residents by providing a monthly reduction on their telephone bill.

Toll calling is 13 cents per minute of use.  Toll blocking may be added to the line for no additional charge.

For further description of Lifeline’s Terms and Conditions, follow the link below.

Questions? Call NEMR Telecom at 660-874-4111.

Our Mission

NEMR Telecom’s mission is to provide high quality telecommunications services delivered by our friendly, local staff, to our members at reasonable and competitive rates.

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